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This very pristine neighborhood in the London area consists of terraced buildings with shared boundaries more prominent than other places. However, it has not stopped people for wanting to renovation or upgrading their side of a building.

Although the Party Wall etc Act 1996 doesn’t stop owners from making renovations to their buildings, it does state that all parties involved must be served a notice stating clearly and in details the jobs to be done on a property.

Why a Party Wall Surveyor is important?

Most people know the Party wall but lack an in-depth knowledge of the law, but to avoid any running with the law, it is wise to employ the services of a party wall surveyor to help you follow up with a co-owner or owners, serving, receiving, and ensuring that the dotted lines are signed with all parties happy.

So if you are embarking on the renovation path, you had better get informed and used to the party wall act or hire an expert party wall expert from Jordan Brettell Limited where trained and certified surveyors will answer your call and be of help to simplify the process without any hassle or stress.

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