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The rise in basement constructions due to the need for new structures or expansion of old ones in Kensington and Chelsea has brought to view the importance of the party wall act. This has been viewed as the product of space shortage. Basement conversions involve deep excavations works. The process may affect party-walls in shared properties. They could generate noise, cause vibrations and sometimes partial damage to the neighbouring buildings because of the city layout plan.

Reports show that residents and building owners around new construction sites are bothered about the safety of their buildings. They want to be assured that these works are handled with great caution. The royal borough of party wall Kensington and Chelsea supports this desire of their residents.

Those who acquire properties are to make sure that they employ contractors who work with excellent surveyors and are aware of the dictates of the party-wall act. It is advised that the topography, geology, and the underground waterways of Kensington and Chelsea are greatly taking into consideration during feasibility studies of party walls.

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