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  1. Need a Party wall surveyor in the affluent city of Mayfair or surrounding areas, then it time to meet with Jordan Brettell and the team of excellent surveyors providing great service to the customers within Mayfair and surrounding area on Party wall matter.

    Our services are cost-effective, clean, and straight to point, professional with experience, reputation, and honesty for over 25 years.

    Dealing with party wall issues from an affluent neighborhood like Mayfair demands well-learned individual that understand how the law works and that is why you need to contact Jordan today without hesitation on 07815051255 now.

    We deal with all issues ranging from boundary wall, fences, ceilings or heavy duty work in an adjoining property. We also handle the disputes by providing all the necessary paperwork regarding the Party Wall not limited to receiving sending and ensuring that all documents are signed prior to any work on your property.

    Our surveyors will also come to your property to check if it meets the standards set by the Party Wall etc Act rule including the right marks to start a dig or kind of work that can be done. Furthermore, with Jordan Brettell team of surveyors, you can be sure that no aspect will be missed and your work is 100 percent guaranteed to be completed within the stated time frame.

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