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The Party Wall Act of 1996 sets out that when we make any alterations to our home impacting a shared wall or boundary, we have to issue a Party Wall Notice to our Welwyn Garden City neighbours.

Having to serve a Party Wall Notice is a law that makes sense to our national sensibility. There is a familiar maxim that states ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’. We are a country that takes home ownership very seriously and in Welwyn Garden City, there is added pride in belonging to a historically significant and beautifully designed town.

So it is no wonder that when we begin developments and improvements on our Welwyn Garden City home, our neighbours have a vested interest and deserve to be informed.

The Party Wall Notice lets the adjoining Welwyn Garden City property know exactly what is happening and when.

A Party Wall Notice would generally include:

  • Your name and your Welwyn Garden City address, as well as your neighbour’s details
  • What you are proposing to do to the Party Wall of your Welwyn Garden City property
  • The date that building work will begin

Jordan Brettell would be happy to use their decades of experience to draft a Party Wall Notice for your proposed Welwyn Garden City project. Get in touch with Paul Brettell today on 07815 051255.

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