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The party wall process is not a difficult one after you have served the necessary notice to all the adjoining owners concerned with the wall. They, in turn, have a period of 14 days to answer to the notice.

In Baker Street, it is essential that before any construction work can begin on your property, the landowner must allow 7 to days for the parties involved to reply in writing. The Party Wall etc. act comes into play when one or more of the party involved refuse to accept creating a dispute.

Who can help?

If you are in a sticky situation, don’t lose sleep over the matter and call us today. Jordan Brettell Limited will save you up to 1000 pounds with our help as an agreed surveyor.  Our expert consultants will give you the right advice on how to speak to your neighbors before you finally serve them notice. We are a neutral party with a reputation all over the industry, we can assure you that the process will be as simple as ABC and your home improvement will be finished.

Furthermore, our system allows you to also save on building fees as we will connect you with the best in the business for a token. Call us today and enjoy lasting peace with your neighbors.

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