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Are you planning work on a shared wall within your Southgate property?

Are you considering ignoring the responsibilities of the Party Wall Act and going ahead without the agreement of your Southgate neighbour?

If so, please do think again.

You may be able to justify this option to yourself, saying you want to avoid unnecessary conflict or you need to save costs, but it would be both a mistake and unlawful.

Overlooking the need to serve your Southgate neighbour with a formal Party Wall Notice can lead to trouble, potentially costing you far more money and leading to far more animosity with your adjoining Southgate neighbour.

A Party Wall Notice is simply a way of letting your Southgate neighbour know that work is going to be carried out to the wall that both properties share.

To help the whole process run smoothly, we would advise knocking on your neighbour’s door a week or so before sending formal notice, and let them know, in person, that it is coming.  That way they won’t treat the formal notice suspiciously, you can answer their questions up front and they are more likely to give consent or at least agree on one Party Wall Surveyor if they would like a Party Wall Agreement in place. A friendly touch goes a long way.

Give Jordan Brettell a call for some free advice.  There is no obligation to use our services, but we can advise you on how to make savings along the way and ensure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Call Party Wall Surveyor Paul Brettell on 07815 051255.

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