Highly Experienced & Professional

Jordan Brettell Limited has 40 years of construction and development expertise.

Explaining the Legal Jargon

Most people don’t understand legal terminology. We can help to explain it in a way that makes it easier to understand.

Engage Adjoining Owners Early

Where possible we engage with Adjoining Owners at the earliest opportunity to establish good neighbourly relations to push projects forward.

An Integral Design Partner

We identify potential problems before they arise and offer pragmatic solutions. We review your plans and designs, offering a free desktop consultation.

Putting Awards in Place

We assist you in a timely manner; associated costs and delays can be reduced and the issues created by fractious neighbours can be avoided.

Specialist Party
Wall Practice

If you are unfamiliar with Party Wall matters, whether you are considering undertaking building work or have received a notice from your neighbours – it can all be confusing and overwhelming. Either way you need clear, understandable professional advice.
We provide this initial guidance as a free service, as we know that it’s best to talk through the details, issues and options with an experienced surveyor.

Call Paul Brettell MFPWS on 07815 051255 he would be happy to talk through the issues and options.

Jordan Brettell Limited is a long established company which provides a specialist party wall service. We work throughout London for both major developers and local authorities.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 including different types of works; alterations to a shared party wall, the construction of a new wall on a boundary and excavation close to a neighbouring property.

If you want to carry out work to your property which you think will affect your neighbours we can advise whether or not a party wall notice is required.

If you have received a party wall notice, normally there is no cost to you – we can advise you the actions to take and this will ensure your property is protected. Our motto is

“What would we do if it were our property?”

which means every decision we make, every piece of advice we give and every step we take to progress matters is dictated by this question.

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