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When you’re undertaking construction work or have received a notice from your neighbours, it can feel like you’ve been hit with a hammer. You want to get this resolved quickly, but you don’t know where to start.

We’re here to help. Our team of experienced and friendly Party Wall Surveyors in Edgware will work with you to get your project off the ground and ensure that it runs smoothly. We’ll help you navigate what may seem like a confusing process, from consulting with Adjoining Owners to establishing how much compensation is owed if there are any disputes over who should pay for what.

We can also advise you on how to prevent disputes from happening in the first place, and we’ll work with your neighbours to help them understand what’s going on. Our surveyors will assess their property and look for any potential issues that might arise during construction—such as possible damage to their foundations or if some of their windows are blocked by new walls. We’ll also check for any changes to the property line and make sure that you’re entitled to build on your land.

We’ll also advise you on which type of Party Wall Agreement to use, depending on the nature of your work. If you’re undertaking a small project with minimal impact, for example, then a Standard Agreement may be all that’s needed. We can also help if you need to make changes to existing structures or build new ones—we’ll work with your architect or builder to ensure that everything is done according to best practices.

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