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If you have any plans to carry out building works or renovations on your home close to that of a neighbor; then you should adhere firmly to the Party Wall etc Act 1996 else your plans might be dashed. This act is not another building regulation by the law but one that is set to protect both you and your neighbor in case of damages and ensure that the relationship between you two don’t go south.

One of the first things to know is that you have to inform the neighbors, and then serve them a notice which they have to respond to after two weeks. You have to make a plan of the repairs and how it affects their wall, etc but this can be complicated and hence the need of a surveyor.

However, because we know how complicated the act can be, Jordan Brettell is at your beck and call to explain in details the information available in the Party Wall etc Act 1996 in very simple and practical terms for you.

Only a handful of surveyors are experts in the Party wall etc Act 1996 and if you are in the Notting Hill area with plans for renovations, do let the law soil your plans, allow Jordan Brettell Limited team of surveyors assist you through the process.

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