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As you plan to improve your Harlow property, you will, at some point, want to know whether the Party Wall Act applies to the development work that you are planning.  And given that you have arrived on this webpage entitled ‘Party Wall Act Harlow’ that point is probably now!

The following is a list of building work that you can undertake to your Harlow property that would come under the Party Wall Act:

  • The Party Wall Act sets out the process for increasing or decreasing the size of a shared garden wall;
  • The Party Wall Act legislates for cutting into a party wall within your Harlow property if you want to insert damp proofing or insert beams for a loft conversion.
  • The Party Wall Act deals with removing a chimney breast or flue situated on a shared wall within your Harlow property;
  • The Party Wall Act includes repairing or rebuilding an interior or exterior wall, shared by an adjoining Harlow neighbour;

The above list gives you a taste of the work covered by the Party Wall Act but it is in no way exhaustive.  For specialist, expert guidance on work that you are planning on your Harlow property please call Party Surveyor Paul Brettell MFPWS on 07815 051255 today.

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