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Party Wall surveyor in Chalk Farm is an important part of the Party Wall etc.  Act 1996 and to be clear, a property owner can’t stand in for themselves as the surveyor. This is why external surveyors are important when accessing that a building passes all the guidelines in the 1996 act.

If you reside in Chalk Farm and have property, call on us today and have that building properly checked and all documentation is done.

Party Wall surveyor in Chalk Farm adheres strictly to the Party Wall etc. act 1996 to ensure that all property improvement is in accordance with the law. It is also in place to ensure that dispute between neighbors don’t arise or are handled amicably. Jordan Brettell Limited is masters in the surveyors’ industry with talented hands to see you through the trial and trouble of improvement to your property.

To get ahead and be safe, please book a first initial meeting with us, allowing you to get more insight into the law and protect your rights and that of your neighbors for free. You can also be sure that our surveyors are will do a good job every time.

Call us today for that free initial meeting and live happy with your neighbors in Chalk Farm.

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